Goodwood Residence

Green Building (Targeting GBI Gold)

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Low Density Condo
Only 260 Units

位于槟岛 Jalan Tun Dr Awang 大路旁, SPICE Arena展览中心和槟城国际机场之间, 全新超低密度高级公寓, 整栋只有260个单位而已. 永久住家地契, 全公寓设备设施, 24小时保安. 步行可到槟城著名国民型华校, Located at Jalan Tun Dr Awang Penang, in between SPICE Arena & Penang Airport. Only 1 block and total 260 units only. Freehold Residential title, fully condominium facilities and 24 hours security. Walking distance to one of the Penang famous Chinese school.

单位款式 Unit Layout

3+1 Rooms & 2 Bathrooms

总面积 1252 方尺
Free 2 or 3 Carparks

4 Rooms & 2 Bathrooms

总面积 1430方尺
Free 3 or 4 Carparks

Unit Selling Price

from RM680,000

Location Map 项目地点

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